SIF announces the 2019 finalists for the Social Innovator Accelerator

Meet 33 exciting local nonprofits working for positive social change
  • By SIF Team
  • Published on November 19, 2018
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The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is pleased to announce the 2019 Finalists for the Social Innovator Accelerator.

At a time when the rights of immigrants are under threat across the country, when wildfires are burning out of control in California, and when hate-filled graffiti is appearing in our own high schools, many don't know where to turn in the local community for support, forward movement, and community-based leadership. At SIF, we believe it is important to continue to look in our own neighborhoods for organizations effecting change and working towards justice and equity for all. In sharing our finalist list below, we invite you to act locally and get to know the work these organizations are doing. Though we will select just eight organizations in December for our final 2019 Social Innovator cohort, the finalists this year are all passionate, impressive, and deserving of your support.

These 33 Massachusetts-based nonprofits are working across a range of social issue areas – from environmental justice, to supporting immigrant families, to ensuring success for young people with disabilities. They represent some of the most important and innovative social impact work taking place in our region.

“Each year we get to know more than 100 organizations though our evaluation process and are humbled by the dedication and energy these groups bring to their work,” said SIF Executive Director Susan Musinsky. “They are working to create positive social change in greater Boston every day and we hope many of you will seek out these organizations to learn more about their work.”

The Social Innovation Forum team, along with our funding partners, volunteers, and issue area experts reviewed 164 applications over the past five months to build the finalist pool. Throughout the rest of November, the Social Innovation Forum team will be conducting further due diligence on the finalists, before selecting eight organizations for the 2019 cohort of the Social Innovator Accelerator, our flagship 24-month capacity-building program, in early December. While eight nonprofits will enter the cohort, finalists will also receive access to SIF’s in-kind partner network, trainings, and other resources.

We invite you to join us for our Winter Reception on Thursday, December 6 as we welcome the eight new Social Innovators into the 2019 cohort and celebrate the accomplishments of our portfolio organizations and our social impact community.

Finalists for the 2018-2019 Social Innovator Accelerator

Building the Path to Success Through Workforce Development for Youth
Track Partner: Amelia Peabody Foundation

Closing the Opportunity Gap Through Out-of-Classroom Engagement
Track Partner: Inspire Boston Funder Collaborative

Creating Equity Through Leadership in Environmental Justice Communities
Track Partner: Cedar Tree Foundation

Early Childhood Education: Building a Foundation for the Future
Track Partner: Wellington Management Foundation

Ensuring Long-term Success for Young People with Disabilities
Track Partner: Edith M. Ashley Fund at the Boston Foundation

Pathways to Success for Young People Experiencing Homelessness
Track Partner: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Promoting Access to Arts and Culture in New Bedford
Track Partner: Schrafft Charitable Trust

Supporting and Advancing Health and Stability of Immigrant Families
Track Partner: Shipley Foundation

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