Innovator, Entrepreneur & Supporter Success Stories

Since 2003, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) has acted as a catalyst for social impact in greater Boston, connecting visionary leaders of social impact organizations to local supporters who use their time, money, and talent to accelerate positive social change. Read a few of the success stories in our Spotlights below to learn more about what it truly means to be a part of the SIF community.

  • uAspire


    Participating in the 2009 Social Innovator Accelerator gave Bob Giannino of uAspire the “toolbelt” he needed to address the challenges of a growing organization.

  • Playworks Massachusetts

    Playworks Massachusetts

    Playworks Massachusetts, a 2010 Social Innovator, received the support from SIF that it needed to scale and impacted the national organization's approach to regional growth.

  • My Life, My Choice

    My Life, My Choice

    2010 Social Innovator Lisa Goldblatt Grace of My Life, My Choice credits SIF with helping her organization grow its budget sixfold in the past five years.

  • Steve and Ellen Segal

    Steve and Ellen Segal

    Steve and Ellen Segal used the Social Innovation Forum to deepen their philanthropic involvement and increase the direct impact of their resources.

  • InnerCity Weightlifting

    InnerCity Weightlifting

    2012 Social Innovator Jon Feinman of InnerCity Weightlifting leveraged the SIF network to more than double the organization’s revenue within three years.

  • GRIT


    The 2013 Social Business Accelerator helped Tish Scolnik of GRIT connect with a growing community of investors and mentors specifically interested in mission-driven companies.

  • Michael Carmen

    Michael Carmen

    The Social Innovation Forum has given Michael Carmen an opportunity to apply his business skills to help high-potential social impact organizations grow.

  • Veterans Legal Services

    Veterans Legal Services

    Just one year after joining the SIF portfolio, Veterans Legal Services is serving significantly more veterans per year and is on a path for growth.

  • Cabbige


    The 2015 Social Business Accelerator helped Jessica Angell of Cabbige ask tough questions about her business and connect to a vibrant social impact community.

  • Schrafft Charitable Trust

    Schrafft Charitable Trust

    After 25 years of focusing their grantmaking on education, the trustees of the Schrafft Charitable Trust partnered with Social Innovation Forum to learn more about urban environmental sustainability.