Social Innovator Accelerator

The Social Innovator Accelerator has an 18-year track record of effectively engaging high-performing nonprofit organizations to help them gain visibility, expand their networks, and connect with philanthropic and in-kind resources. 

Each year, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) selects a cohort of Social Innovators through a six-month evaluation process that brings together a range of stakeholders, including funders, practitioners, and leaders from business and academia. Once selected, Social Innovators receive 24 months of focused support from SIF and its partners, including consulting, executive coaching, and presentation advising. A five-month consulting engagement culminates with SIF’s annual Showcase event, where Social Innovators pitch to an audience of over 350 local leaders in business and philanthropy. After the Showcase, Social Innovators stay in the SIF portfolio and can continue to access support and services from SIF and its in-kind partners

For more information on what it means to be a Social Innovator and how to apply for the Social Innovation Forum: