Capacity Camp Capstone Event

Promoting Successful Advancement and Integration for Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers
April 12, 2018
9:00 am - 11:00 am
The Boston Foundation 75 Arlington Street, Boston MA 02116
Capacity Camp Capstone Event

Join the Social innovation Forum for this special event to highlight seven committed organizations whose grassroots work is having an impact on the lives of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Learn about some of the most innovative and essential nonprofit organizations working in this field and how you can help support their work.

These seven organizations are participants in SIF's second Capacity Camp. This new program offers a condensed version of SIF's nonprofit accelerator to a cohort of organizations working on similar issues. This spring, SIF's Capacity Camp is focused on organizations working with immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in greater Boston. This capstone event is a great opportunity for funders and supporters to meet new organizations and learn about their on-the-ground work on these timely issues.

La Comunidad
La Comunidad's mission is straightforward: full integration of Latino immigrants into the mainstream society of Everett (and surrounding towns of Chelsea, Revere, East Boston, Somerville, Lynn and Malden which also contains large Latino populations). Services provided include immigration assistance, citizenship training, adult education, basic social services, and active civic engagement. 
Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores
Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores strives to enhance the working experience of immigrants in New Bedford and surrounding areas through community building and organizing. The organization is unique among Massachusetts immigrant workers’ centers in that its staff and leadership are drawn exclusively from the immigrant worker community it serves.
English for New Bostonians
English for New Bostonians’ mission is to invest in the future of our region by fostering a high-quality, targeted system that prepares English language learners to pursue their educational, economic and civic aspirations.

Justice At Work
Justice At Work provides strategic workplace-related legal services to community-based worker centers in order to support and encourage low-wage immigrant worker organizing that enables workers to directly impact conditions at work and in their communities and families.

Matahari Women Workers' Center
Matahari Women Workers' Center is a greater Boston organization where women of color, immigrant women, and families come together as sisters, workers, and survivors to make improvements in ourselves and society and work towards justice and human rights. The organization’s goal is to end gender-based violence and exploitation.

Mujeres Unidas Avanzando
Mujeres Unidas Avanzando has a track record of encouraging Latina girls and women to believe in themselves and grow into leadership roles within the community. Building from this foundation, students are then in a position to grow further, serving as mentors to their peers and families, and as leaders within the community.

The Welcome Project
The Welcome Project builds the collective power of immigrants to participate in and shape community decisions through programs that strengthen the capacity of immigrant youth, adults and families to advocate for themselves and influence schools, government, and other institutions.

This Capacity Camp is funded by the Immigrant and Refugee Funder Collaborative
 Ansara Family Foundation, Barr Foundation, The Clowes Fund, The Hyams Foundation, Landry Family Foundation, Macomber Family Fund, Suhrbier Family Fund, and John H. and Naomi Tomfohrde Foundation.
In early 2017, as policy changes threatened rights of immigrants and refugees across the United States, SIF and many in the funding community sought ways to take action. SIF convened a group of local funders to come together to collectively support a social issue track focused on organizations promoting advancement for immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers for our 2017-2018 Social Innovator Accelerator. Within weeks of our initial call to action, eight funding partners signed on to participate. These partners both provided enough support to sponsor an Accelerator track, which will provide 24 months of support to one organization, and decided to fund a Capacity Camp program to provide support to additional organizations working in this issue area.