Forward Together: SIF's 2021 Annual Report

SIF and its partners creating change in Greater Boston's social sector

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Dear Friends,

Change is underway across Greater Boston. Real, deep, necessary change.

In the midst of another tremendously difficult year, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF)'s network of nonprofit leaders came together to sustain critical work and move our collective commitments to the next level. Our social change marketplace served as an important hub for leaders and supporters. We're proud of the degree to which leaders showed up for one another, even as they contend with the ongoing pandemic and the persistent intersection crises of racism, health inequities, and economic inequality.

Moving forward together means constantly reflecting, acknowledging, and addressing inequitable - often racist - patters of resources distribution so that philanthropy can participate more equitably in community change. We deem this work necessary as a facilitator in Greater Boston's social change sector and have continued to hold ourselves accountable for this in 2021, in accordance with our three-year strategic plan.

Here, we showcase stories of the hard, deliberate work from across our social change marketplace - the nonprofits who kept charging forward even as they faced new challenges and built up new capacities, the funders who looked inward to acknowledge and revise old paradigms, and the large network of alumni organizations that leaned on one another through a period of ongoing struggle and uncertainty.

We're proud of the ways our community continued to embrace change throughout this difficult year. We're proud of the trust we've been building and the courageous work our partners have undertaken-their willingness to look within, rethink, recenter, and live up to a more inclusive vision for our communities.

We thank you for continuing to show up and support our critical work. Together means all of us. Together includes you.

With sincere gratitude,

Susan Musinsky, Executive Director

Weston (Tony) Howland III, Chair Board of Directors

We invite you to read out 2021 Annual Report "Forward Together" to learn more.

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