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  • We are all just people who like donuts...

    Continuing the Nonprofit/Funder Relationship

    On June 21, SIF convened a small group of funders and nonprofits to coffee and donuts to continue the discussion of building a stronger nonprofit sector. Following the conversation, we recognized action is just as necessary as raising awareness of the issue.  Our action is to explore other ways we can continue to have these conversations.

    donuts and discussion
  • You Can Always Find Me in the Marketplace

    Anna Trieschmann reflects on seven years of growth and change at SIF
    • By Anna Trieschmann
    • Published on June 11, 2019

    Anna Trieschmann left behind a personal memoir of her seven-year experience in the SIF community. We wish you the best of luck on your new venture! 

  • Social Innovation Forum Awarded $100,000

    SIF one of 100 nonprofits to receive the Cummings Foundation grants

    The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is one of 100 local nonprofits to receive grants of $100,000 each through Cummings Foundation’s “$100K for 100” program. SIF was chosen from a total of 574 applicants during a competitive review process.

  • The Devonshire Foundation Extends a $25,000 Match Challenge to the Social Innovation Forum!

    Please consider making a gift to the Social Innovation Forum today!

    The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) has received a $25,000 match challenge from The Devonshire Foundation to be matched by $25,000 in unrestricted gifts from individual donors to SIF. SIF hopes this match challenge will inspire gifts from first-time donors as well as re-engaged donors. Gifts between $1 and $499 will be matched 1:1, while gifts of $500 or more will be matched 1:2.

  • A Call for Action and Accountability Emerges from 2019 Social Innovator Showcase

    Connect with one or more of our amazing 2019 Social Innovators today!

    On Tuesday, May 14, the Social Innovation Forum put on its annual Social Innovator Showcase featuring the fantastic 2019 Social Innovator cohort. These eight Innovators presented their pitches to an audience of more than 350 people. Thank you to our full staff, 2019 Social Innovators, event sponsors, and community leaders for being a part of this special night. 

    2019 Innovator Photos
  • Seeking Funding Partners for Social Issue Tracks

    The Social Innovation Forum team is actively recruiting partners for our 2020 “social issue track” process.

    Are you a philanthropist eager to get to know effective local nonprofits? Would your foundation benefit from the support of SIF to source and vet potential grantees? Do you want to broaden your understanding of critical social issues and work with others to identify and accelerate solutions? 

    Anita Sharma of PAIR Project at 2018 Showcase
  • Unpacking Ableism: A Session with Partners for Youth with Disability

    How to recognize ableism from societal structures to our daily lives

    On February 14, the Social Innovation Forum hosted the first workshop of a two part series focused on Disability, Accessibility, and Inclusion. Led by Steve Slowinski from 2018 Social Innovator Partners for Youth with Disability (PYD), the “Introduction to Disability and Inclusion” workshop taught participants the basic principles of ableism and inclusion. A deeper look into disability etiquette will take place April 30, with a focus on “Building Accessible, Inclusive Workplaces & Events.” Here are some key takeaways from the first workshop.

  • The Inside Scoop on SIF's Coworking Space

    Hear from current coworking members on shared office space, networking, & more!

    Learn more about coworking at the Social Innovation Forum! The SIF Coworking space offers nonprofit organizations a community where they can connect, learn, and grow. Here's what our current coworking members had to say about shared office space, networking, and more!  

  • Recap of SIF & Alray Scholars "A Call to Action: The Valedictorians Project"

    Reflections, take aways, and next steps

    This blog post includes all of the resources that were shared amongst SIF and community members convening to discuss the Valedictorians Project report in the Boston Globe. This blog post also highlights the challenges facing students in the Boston Public Schools as they transition from high school to college and navigate towards graduation and a career.

    Panelists at Valedictorians Project discussion