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  • In the Marketplace: Bernadette (Bernie) Hampton-Jones

    From Social Innovator, to Track Partner, to Innovator Consultant

    In the Marketplace is a new occasional blog series to introduce readers to the unique individuals whose hard work and commitment help SIF achieve its mission to accelerate positive social change in greater Boston. We recently sat down with Bernadette Hampton-Jones to discuss her unique experience serving in multiple roles at the Social Innovation Forum. 

  • Social Issue Talk Series begins March 2

    Hear from social issue area experts on the most pressing issues in greater Boston

    This Spring, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) will hold eight free, educational events across the city as part of our annual Social Issue Talk Series event. 

  • In the Marketplace: Angela Lett of Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers

    Reflections on 15 years of service in the nonprofit sector
    • By Caroline Panchelli
    • Published on December 19, 2019

    The Social Innovation Forum’s marketplace approach to social change brings many unique people through our doors. That's why we're launching "In the Marketplace," a new blog series that introduces our readers to nonprofit professionals, donors, volunteers, and others in our community whose work is driving social change in greater Boston every day.

    Angela Lett with a capuchin monkey
  • End of Year Match

    Increase the impact of your year-end gift to the Social Innovation Forum

    We are thrilled to announce that The Devonshire Foundation is once again matching gifts to the Social Innovation Forum as we approach the calendar year end.

  • Meet our amazing 2020 Social Innovator Cohort!

    Eight Social Innovators to receive $150,000 in capacity-building support
    • By SIF Team
    • Published on December 06, 2019

    The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is excited to announce the selection of eight nonprofit organizations for the 2020 Social Innovator cohort. We believe these organizations represent greater Boston's most innovative approaches to addressing some of our community's toughest social issues. 

  • All in for Change

    Read the 2019 annual report to learn more about what it means to be "all in" for change
    • By Susan Musinsky & Ryan Dings
    • Published on November 22, 2019

    Are you all in for change? Read more about the exciting year the Social Innovation Forum has had and learn how you can become involved in greater Boston's "marketplace" for social change.

    inside front cover of 2019 annual report
  • Announcing the 2020 Social Innovator Finalists

    Seven Social Innovators will be selected in early December.

    The Social Innovation Forum is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2020 Social Innovator Accelerator cohort. We believe these organizations represent the nonprofit sector's most promising approaches to addressing some of greater Boston's toughest social issues. 

  • Measure What You Value, and Others Will Value What You Measure

    Julia Gittleman & 2017 Social Innovators explore performance measurement reporting

    On July 24, we convened a panel discussion featuring Julia Gittleman, Principal at Mendelsohn, Gittleman & Associates, LLC and 2017 Social Innovators Veronica Serrato, Executive Director of Project Citizenship and Brian Pastori, Executive Director of Community Economic Development Center (CEDC). In this session, we learned more from Julia and the Innovators about the many opportunities and challenges present in developing performance measurement strategies and implementing program evaluation.  

  • Second Interview Pair: Tref Borden (the Fish Family Foundation) and David Cohen (Doc Wayne Youth Services)

    Moving Forward Together interview series

    Our second interview pair for the Moving Forward Together interview blog series features Tref Borden, Executive Director of the Fish Family Foundation, and David Cohen, Executive Director of Doc Wayne Youth Services (2014 Social Innovator). An important part to Tref and David's relationship building was their willingness to be open-minded and trusting of one another from the start. The Foundation is supportive of Doc Wayne's new initiatives, and both parties express interest in engaging in social change work. We hope you enjoy reading more about how Tref and David managed to move beyond power dynamics and create a vastly different model of a nonprofit and funder relationship. 

    tref and david