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  • SIF’s Team Response to Verdict on George Floyd Murder

    SIF speaks
    • By The SIF Team
    • Published on April 28, 2021

    On April 20, 2021, at 4:00 pm, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion meeting about our team goals was canceled.  We received a note with the option to gather informally without an agenda as most of us wrestled with our emotions of anxiety, hope, anger, and frustration.  Over the last year and a half, our team has been more intentional about our DEI learning and have come to understand the impact of the world around us and how it can carry with us even at work.  We have learned that creating safe spaces at work can help during trying times. Although team members might not have the same need, the option to meet informally is one in which anyone can show up and take as much space as they need.  At 4:30 pm, we were still waiting to hear the jury’s verdict on Derek Chauvin's trial. There was a sudden stillness in our Zoom call – a moment in which we shared a deep appreciation of our humanity. As the end of the working day came, some team members dropped off but others stayed on. There were four of us remaining at the end. We all absorbed the news with quiet relief while acknowledging that real justice would mean George Floyd being alive.  

  • Standing in Support of our Asian-American Community

    We honor the lives lost to hate and violence by remaining committed to uprooting white supremacy culture, hate, and discrimination
    • By The SIF Team
    • Published on March 31, 2021

    SIF stands alongside its community to support the fight for justice for all Asian Americans. Please read our full statement which contains more resources and information on the work being done to #STOPASIANHATE in Asian-American communities. We also list the organization's in our portfolio that are recognized for their advocacy work in Asian-American communities. 

    standing in support
  • Work Harder on Yourself than You Do on Your Job

    A recap of SIF's 2021 New Bedford Capacity Camp
    • By Margaret Leipsitz & Jimena Chavez
    • Published on March 30, 2021

    This year's Capacity Camp program focuses on developing the leadership of nonprofit leaders in the New Bedford area. Schrafft Charitable Trust and The Island Foundation came together to sponsor six of New Bedford's nonprofit organizations. Read more about what the experience was like for each New Bedford nonprofit leader and how their supporters got involved! 

    capacity camp
  • The Best Laid Strategic Plans...

    Reflections on SIF’s strategic plan in year two

    Nearly two years ago, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) Board of Directors approved the organization’s first strategic plan, which helped set a course for the next phase of work in Greater Boston's social sector. A few months after sending out our strategic plan summary, the pandemic hit. Read more about how SIF pivoted quickly and continued its capacity-building work amid the COVID-19 pandemic!

    strategic plan
  • Notes from the Field #15

    Budget Buddies, a 2016 Social Innovator

    In this edition of Notes From the Field,  you will hear from 2016 Social Innovator, Budget Buddies, about how their organization is pivoting, addressing challenges, and achieving successes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • A Warm Winter Welcome for our New Social Innovators

    Missed the event? Watch the video of our Warm Winter Welcome
    • By SIF Team
    • Published on December 18, 2020

    A brief summary of our Warm Winter Welcome event that took place on Thursday, December 10 from 10:00-10:30 am. A link to the full recording on our Youtube channel is provided. 

    warm winter welcome
  • Welcoming our 2021 Social Innovators!

    Six Social Innovators to receive capacity-building support

    The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is excited to welcome the six nonprofits that have been selected to participate in our 2021 Social Innovator cohort.

    Everyday Boston photo
  • Rooted & Ready: The 2020 Annual Report

    Read the annual report to find out how SIF was ready for 2020!
    • By Susan Musinsky & Ryan Dings
    • Published on November 20, 2020

    SIF is Rooted & Ready for 2021! Read more about SIF's eagerness to embrace its core values, engage deeply with funders and supporters, and now ready to go the distance with nonprofit organizations! 

    Annual report cover
  • Notes from the Field #14

    Hear from 2008 Social Innovator, UTEC!

    In this week's Notes From the Field,  you will hear from 2008 Social Innovator, UTEC, about how their organizations are pivoting, addressing challenges, and achieving successes amid COVID-19. 

  • Announcing the 2021 Social Innovator Finalists!

    We encourage you to check out these 25 innovative nonprofits

    The Social Innovation Forum is pleased to announce the 25 finalists for the 2020 Social Innovator Accelerator cohort. We believe these organizations represent the nonprofit sector's most promising approaches to addressing some of greater Boston's toughest social issues. 

    2021 Social Innovator