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The Social Innovation Forum's portfolio of nonprofit Social Innovators and social impact business Impact Entrepreneurs represents a range of social issues including food insecurity, healthy aging, environmental sustainability, youth development, and the arts. Explore our portfolio by year or social issue and read Innovator and Entrepreneur Spotlights to learn what it means to be a part of the Social Innovation Forum.

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  • Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc.

    • 2014 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Youth Development
      Mental Health

    Doc Wayne Youth Services connects with youth through sports, utilizing a sports-based therapeutic curriculum, do the good® (DtG). Its mission is to fuse sport and therapy to heal and strengthen youth.

  • Dorchester Community Food Co-op

    • 2016 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Health & Nutrition
      Social Enterprise

    The Dorchester Community Food Coop is an initiative to build a cooperatively owned grocery store that provides access to nutritious food at a fair price, creates economic opportunity, and nurtures community engagement.

  • Eagle Eye Institute

    • 2003 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Environmental Sustainability
      Youth Development

    Eagle Eye Institute provides opportunities for urban young people to learn about, make connections with, and be inspired to protect the natural environment. Through this work, Eagle Eye seeks to increase the diversity of people involved in serving as environmental leaders.

  • Elevated Thought

    • 2020 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Gateway Cities

    Elevated Thought is an art and social justice Lawrence-based organization that actively serves and develops communities through creative youth development curriculum, beautification projects, youth organizing, and public outreach.

  • English for New Bostonians

    • 2019 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers

    English for New Bostonians (ENB) creates opportunities for adult immigrants to learn English and pursue their goals of economic advancement and civic participation, including supporting their children’s education. ENB supports English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs, designs customized curricula, trains teachers, contributes community and policy research, and stimulates investment in the Massachusetts ESOL system.

  • Everyday Boston

    • 2021 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Civic Engagement
      Social Capital

    Everyday Boston is a nonprofit that connects neighbors across a segregated city through the sharing of stories. At a time of historic isolation and division, they’re cultivating a culture of curiosity and connection across Boston.

  • Fathers’ Uplift

    • 2018 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:

    Fathers’ Uplift assists fathers in overcoming financial, addiction, oppressive, emotional, and traumatic barriers to their engagement in children’s lives. Fathers have a positive and powerful impact on the development and health of children. Fathers’ Uplift helps each father reach their potential for themselves and the children in their lives.

  • Fiscal Health Vital Signs

    A program of DotWell
    • 2011 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Financial Empowerment
      Health & Nutrition

    DotWell works in collaboration with its founding health center partners - Codman Square Health Center and DotHouse Health - to provide integrated clinical and community services that address health disparities, build social capital, and meet the complex needs of their communities.

  • Future Chefs

    • 2011 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Education & College Access
      Youth Development

    Future Chefs prepares urban teens for quality work and life after high school by providing early employment and education opportunities in the restaurant industry, transferable skills training, and ongoing coaching and support.

  • Girls’ LEAP

    (Lifetime Empowerment and Awareness Program)
    • 2008 Social Innovator
    • Social Issue:
      Women & Girls
      Youth Development

    Girls’ LEAP (Lifetime Empowerment and Awareness Program) empowers girls and young women to value and champion their own safety and well-being. Girls' LEAP interrupts the cycle of violence by teaching girls that they have a right to be safe and how to defend themselves if necessary. They partner with local schools and community centers to deliver empowerment and self-defense services to girls aged 8-18 in Greater Boston.