SIF Publishes First Annual Report

2016: A Year of Growth & Learning chronicles the joys and challenges of our first year as an independent nonprofit organization
Annual reports on display at the Winter Reception

Dear Friends of SIF,

It is with great pride that we present the Social Innovation Forum’s first annual report

Over the past year, we have experienced the joys and challenges of being both a brand new organization and an organization with over a decade of history and accomplishments behind us. It has been a year of growth and learning—expanding our own capacity and finding new ways to continually improve our work to build a stronger, healthier, more equitable greater Boston. 

Our approach is based on building connections among supporters (funders, investors, and volunteers) and practitioners (nonprofit and social business leaders) who share an interest in growing social impact. SIF is committed to facilitating and supporting this community, in essence a “marketplace,” where people exchange resources (time, money, expertise, and social capital) in order to create positive social change. We believe that through this marketplace, relationships develop, organizations grow, and impact can emerge at levels that would be otherwise impossible to achieve.

In the stories and among the data in these pages, you’ll see the SIF marketplace in action—how together we have touched more than 250,000 lives in just the past year. 

Our sincere thanks to all who have been a part of this exciting year. We look forward to sharing many more highlights of our collective efforts in the years ahead.


Susan Musinsky
Executive Director

Ryan Dings
Chair, Board of Directors

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