Rooted & Ready: The 2020 Annual Report

Read the annual report to find out how SIF was ready for 2020!
  • By Susan Musinsky & Ryan Dings
  • Published on November 20, 2020
Annual report cover

Dear Friends,

It’s been an extraordinary year. Our social change marketplace reinvented, reinvested, and dug deep to keep local communities supported in a time of tremendous challenge and loss. Our Social Innovators have been on the front lines, managing huge operational obstacles while continuing to serve communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and the persistent crises of racial and economic inequality.

The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) has held steady through all of it, nimbly adapting and expanding support to match our partners’ emerging needs. We’re proud of how so many of our funders and in-kind partners stepped up too, offering just-in-time funding and expertise that helped fill critical gaps.

We were ready for 2020 because
we are rooted as a community.

For almost two decades, SIF has cultivated trust, connection, and learning across a growing network of investors and community-based leaders. That work—and those active, committed relationships—made all the difference in 2020.

More recent investments paid off too: This year, we embarked on year one of a three-year strategic plan and rolled out a new set of core values to guide us. Those values and priorities provided the foundation we needed to meet the moment. They offer a map, too, as we move forward—especially as we continue the essential, ongoing work of addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our internal and collective work.

We’re thankful to all who showed up for change in a year that demanded so much from all of us. We were ready because of you.

We invite you to read our 2020 annual report "Rooted & Ready" to learn more.


With sincere gratitude, 

Susan Musinsky, Executive Director, Social Innovation Forum

Ryan Dings, Former Board Chair, Social Innovation Forum

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