The Inside Scoop on SIF's Coworking Space

Hear from current coworking members on shared office space, networking, & more!
Our ever growing community! Photos of SIF team and coworking members hang on the wall in our space.

SIF offers a collaborative community and shared workspace where mission-driven organizations connect, learn, and grow. We strive to build an inclusive community of diverse programs and leaders who engage and grow together. Recently, we asked several of our coworking members to give feedback on their experience. Here is what they had to say! 

Question: What is your favorite part about the SIF coworking space? 
Boston Explorers – Sakura Tomizawa, Associate to the Director

Being in the same environment with like-minded people. We work in an environment where people are committed to making a just and equitable city. There is a huge sense of community at SIF. People are kind, genuine, and it really makes it a comfortable space to be. 

Exceptional Lives – Eugene Aronsky, Digital Marketing Analyst

The thing I like best about the space is that I can work with amazing people for amazing organizations. I love coming into work every single day, and I think this location is awesome. I like that we get to attend SIF events and learn more about other events in our community.

Question: How does your organization benefit from SIF coworking space?

Alray Scholars - Janet Altman, Executive Director

The SIF coworking space is a welcoming environment and provides us with a sense of community among other nonprofits. The new office space is great and it is a good location. 

Community Change Inc. – Shay Stewart-Bouley, Executive Director 

It allows us to maximize resources as an organization, so we can better do our work instead of managing a physical office. From feedback from staff, they like the sense of community, and deeper connections with other nonprofits. 

The Okoa Project - Emily Young, Co-founder

The Okoa Project is a small non-profit focused on increasing access to healthcare in emerging markets. Our team recently got back from a four-month trip to Tanzania to run our first official pilot and were looking for a space in Boston to move us to the next step. We found the Social Innovation Forum by chance online, and could not be happier with the space! We began out of MIT so had no shortage of guidance in the engineering field, but we were missing the nonprofit ecosystem that we needed. Not only does SIF connect us to this community, but it also is able to help us with the detail-oriented questions that we need to answer at this point in our company. Whether it is legal advice from Allison, or taxes help from Yvrantz - there is always someone to talk to about the pressing issues of the day. Thanks to the SIF community for making our first month here so great!

Current Coworking Membership plans 

  • Hot desk membership ($375/month) - For people happy to come in and sit somewhere different every day.
  • Dedicated desk membership ($425/month) – For people who would like to have a desk to call their own where they can leave some belongings. (There is also the possibility to block dedicated desks together to create a team space.)

Basic office amenities

  • High-speed fiber internet
  •  Printing/scanning
  • Access to shared conference rooms
  • Basic snacks, coffee, and water
  • Utilities (heating/cooling, garbage/recycling/compost, electricity)
  • Mailing address/mail sorting
  • Event space for your board meetings & trainings

For more information or if interested in joining SIF as a coworking member, please send an email to:

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