Announcing the 2016-2017 Social Innovator Finalists

Announcing the 2017 Social Innovator Finalists!

The Social Innovation Forum is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2016-2017 Social Innovator Accelerator cohort. We believe these organizations represent greater Boston's most promising approaches to addressing some of our community's toughest social issues.

We received more than 130 applications across seven social issue tracks this year. We’d like to extend a special thanks to our evaluation committee, a group of 100 social issue experts, funders, and practitioners, who helped us select this outstanding group! The 32 organizations listed below recently completed the finalist interview process and will undergo final due diligence before seven Social Innovators are selected in early December. 

Addressing the Disadvantages of Poverty and Adversity in Early Childhood
Track Partner: Gisela B. Hogan Foundation

Advancing Social Change through Advocacy and Activism
Track Partner: Bess Foundation

Anything Goes: Innovative, Effective, and Sustainable Approaches to Our Region's Toughest Issues
Track Partner: Boston Open Impact

Building Leaders for the Social Sector: Expanding Opportunities for Leadership Development
Track Partner: Highland Street Foundation

Revitalizing Southeastern Massachusetts
Track Partner: Schrafft Charitable Trust

​Promoting the Whole Health of Mothers and Children: Innovative Approaches to Maternal/Child Health and Healing
Track Partner: Building Blocks Charitable Fund

Supporting Foster Children in their Transitions to Adulthood
Track Partner: Jon Shevell Children's Fund

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